To promote and grow the triathlon sport by bringing clubs together to create a sportsmanship environment.

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Club Champs

Club Champs

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Inter–Club Competition guidelines

  1. The main purpose of the initiative is:
    1. To promote and grow the sport,
    2. Bring clubs together, build a good sporting and a sportsmanship environment
    3. To have fun while competing.
  2. Any Club or Academy can participate, as long as someone from the respective entity registers them for the for the Inter-club Championships for that event.
  3. Each event (i.e. Joburg Ultra) will be its own an Inter-club Championship event for the year.
  4. Race Points will be awarded to the top 20 Sprint & Ultra finishers overall for Male & Females.
    1. The Sprint Race points will be: 20 pts for 1st, 19 pts for 2nd, 18 pts for 3rd. down to 1 pt for 20th overall.
    2. The Ultra Race Points will be: 40 pts for 1st, 38 pts for 2nd , 36 pts for 3rd etc, down to 2 pts for 20th
  5. Extra Participation Points: On-top of the Top 20 Winners points, participation points will be given to each and every competitor from a club. (ie: If a Club has 34 competitors racing, they get an extra 34 points added to their total)
  6. Athletes entering must also correctly select which club they belong to when entering online for each race.
  7. PRIZE for the winning club: The Winning Club gets MASSIVE bragging rights for the rest of the year for that event. They also get: Their logo, a short write up on their club & contact details on the Inter-Club Competition page for that race for the year.
  8. The Winners will be announced on the Wednesday after the race, giving 48hrs for results to be checked and verified.